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Confusion over permit policy for photographers shooting in Indy Parks

Facebook post says there is a new fee in place
Posted at 10:07 PM, Oct 23, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- Photographers are confused about a post that appeared over the weekend on the Southeastway Park Facebook page stating there is a new policy that requires photographers to have a permit to shoot in any of the Indy Parks.

Professional photographer Jessica Strickland said she's used to paying a fee at places that charge admission, but it's harder for her and her clients to understand a fee at a park where the public can come for free. 

"I think that's where it gets tricky because they are like, 'Wait a minute, we go there every weekend or every other weekend or whatever. We frequent there, we picnic there, we bike through there and we don't have an entry fee, but you have a camera, so there is suddenly and entry fee?' So, I think that's where it gets confusing for the client," said Strickland.

Indy Parks officials say the policy has been in place for several years, but they are exploring new ways of charging for a permit. It may be a weekly, monthly or annual fee.  They say they hope to have something out soon.

Another issue is enforcement of a permit for photographers. Strickland says if it is enforced for her, it should be enforced for everyone.

Parks officials say there is no fine in place for permit violators and staff will rarely be patrolling for paperwork.

"We kind of want to make sure that folks understand what the policy and guidelines are so that we can go from there to help them plan whatever event or things they are going to have in the park," said Ronnetta Spalding, Indy Parks spokesperson.

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