Delivery driver or crook? Carriers in unmarked vehicles are common during the holidays

Posted at 11:02 PM, Dec 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-07 13:57:48-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- As the holidays approach more packages will be delivered - which means more opportunity for porch pirates to strike. 

With so many delivery drivers making their rounds in personal vehicles it’s hard to know if the person in front of your home is about to make a delivery or commit a crime.

The number of package thefts caught on video in recent weeks shows just how bold crooks have become, many have been caught walking up to houses in broad daylight and not even hiding their faces.

All of these factors make identifying a crook from a real delivery person even more difficult – especially when it’s so common for legitimate deliveries to be made by people who are wearing no uniform and driving unmarked vehicles.

Companies like Amazon and UPS say it’s not uncommon – especially during the holidays – for workers to use their personal vehicles to drop off packages.

Amazon even hires regular people as carriers.

To help prevent thefts, Amazon says customers who don’t want doorstep delivery can use Amazon Locker, which allows them to pick up their items from approved sites in their area – like grocery stores or malls. They also offer the new Amazon Key service, which lets workers drop off items inside a person’s home when they’re not there.

UPS is known for its brown trucks and uniforms, but the company says it’s not uncommon for workers to use their personal vehicles to drop off packages in some areas.

UPS says all their drivers will still wear the familiar brown uniform and have a company badge but they may not be in a big brown truck.

The company also allows people to have their packages delivered to a nearby “Access Point” like a deli or florist, to help prevent thefts.

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