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Distillery cat steals straws and hearts at Fletcher Place's Hotel Tango

Posted at 9:01 AM, Oct 06, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- He’s not the patron you’d expect at a distillery, but a cat named Fletcher Pickles is a regular at Hotel Tango in the Fletcher Place neighborhood. He's more than a regular, actually. He's a full-time resident.

Fletcher has become a must-see while grabbing a drink.

“He is my favorite cat in the world,” said Kathrynne Horine, frequent patron at Hotel Tango.

From his big paws to spunky personality, Fletcher Pickles is capturing hearts in the Indianapolis neighborhood. 

He’s been a staple at the distillery for three years now.

“We adopted him around the time that we opened, so every year we celebrate it’s also Fletcher’s birthday” said Hotel Tango’s marketing manager Katie Breden.

Unlike most distillery cats, he wasn’t just brought in to battle mice. He’s an emotional service animal for Travis the owner at Hotel Tango. He’s the ‘T’ in Tango.

If you decide to hang out by the bar, you may have a tough time spotting Fletcher. The staff says he hangs out in unusual spots around the business.

He will come out eventually and cuddle up to whoever needs attention, according to bartender Jake Johnson.

"I think my favorite is when he’s kind of on the couch and kind of sprawled out," Johnson said. "I think he’s got a Garfield personality wherever he puts himself."

He may not like the cocktails, but he’s a "straw stealer.”

The staff says if you’d like to bring your own pet, you can. Just make sure you say hi to the distillery's “little buddy."

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