At least 19 arrested as part of DACA protest in downtown Indy

Posted at 11:20 AM, Mar 06, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS -- At least 19 arrests were made at a DACA protest in downtown Indianapolis Tuesday morning.

A multi-faith group showed up outside of Senator Joe Donnelly's office Tuesday for a press conference about their support for funding for DACA and the Dreamers in the state of Indiana and the country as a whole.

The group then formed a human chain across the intersection toward the Statehouse, blocking traffic illegally. 

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers cordially requested the group disperse, and when they did not, began making peaceful arrests.

You can watch the press conference and human chain arrests in the video player below. (The human chain forms at approximately 52 minutes)



Sen. Donnelly's office released issued this statement in response to the DACA protest:

"I recently supported several proposals that came before the Sente, which included bipartisan bills to protect DACA youth and strengthen our borders. I'm disappointed the Senate failed to advance a DACA solution. I believe the only way we will address DACA is by working together, and I will continue working with my colleagues, Republicans and Democrats to find a resolution, though ultimately, Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker Paul Ryan, and President Trump will need to support a commonsense solution too." -- Sen. Joe Donnelly