Irvington homeowners file complaints against neighbor for 15 years

Posted at 6:53 AM, Oct 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-05 06:53:18-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- Homeowners in Irvington say they have been asking a neighbor to clean up his yard for 15 years. After the years of filing complaints, one woman said the conditions are creating an unhealthy environment for her family.

From her window, Audrey Smith can see right into her neighbor's yard near the intersection of Arlington and Beechwood. She can see broken down cars and a fence that's falling down. 

Records from the city indicate the homeowner was cited in 2002 for outside storage of inoperable vehicles. 

RTV6 talked to the homeowner, who asked to only be identified as "Brandon."

"The abandoned vehicles - part of those were projects for me and my son to work on," Brandon said.

He said financial troubles have made it difficult to clean up the mess and the city has fined him thousands of dollars through the years. 

But when some crews came to mow, a city report said they were threatened with a gun in 2016.

Brandon said he doesn't have any guns. 

"What I told the city workers who have come onto my property -- 'Be glad that I don't,'" Brandon said.

Meanwhile, Smith said she's filed 15-20 complaints against him over the years. Across the street, Tina Mains has also been trying to get it cleaned up for years.

"I'm frustrated with downtown on it," Mains said. 

A city spokesperson said in order to get the mess cleaned up, neighbors need to keep reporting the problem through the Mayor's Action Center. 

"I called the Mayor's Action Line and reported it and reported it and reported it," Mains said. "It's doing no good."

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