Families answer call to provide loving homes for Indiana children

Posted at 8:53 PM, Nov 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-30 20:53:50-05

INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosier children in need of adoption have gained the attention of loving families following a call for supportive parents.

Soon after RTV6 addressed the desperate need for parents willing to adopt, inquires increased.

"It's been incredibly busy here. We have processed almost 200 inquiries of families who just want to learn about foster care and about adoption,” said Anna Wolak of Children’s Bureau. “We had 60 inquiries after the feature story ran. I’d say that's almost triple."

Vanessa Dove with the organization said she noticed a big spike over the weekend.

“When you get usually 20 inquiries over the weekend and that jumps to 60, it really warms your heart that the work that you're doing really matters,” she said.

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The story, which highlighted more than 150 Indiana children in need of adoption, touched the heart of Al Seefeldt, who wanted to donate money to families who participated in National Adoption Day.

"I saw your broadcast and I was particularly moved by the adoption process that included one family adopting four children,” said Seefeldt. “To adopt four children just like bang I thought oh my god what a commitment."

For Ghislene Legere, a mother who adopted two children, she said it’s refreshing to see families paired with children.

“It was so meaningful to bring these girls into our life permanently and to give them a home that they maybe wouldn't have had otherwise,” said Legere.

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