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Home for the Holidays: Carver family celebrating being together after COVID-19 battle

"Our outlook on life is completely changed."
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Posted at 9:32 PM, Dec 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-23 21:32:01-05

INDIANAPOLIS — The Carver family is home together for Christmas and are thankful for their time with each other.

Autumn Carver spent 99 days hospitalized with COVID-19 complications. She was reunited with her kids Harlow, Sadie and new baby Huxley at home on December 1, which was Day 100.

Autumn Carver Christmas
Autumn Carver and her daughters, Harlow and Sadie, smile next to a Christmas tree. The Carver family was reunited after 100 days after Autumn battled COVID-19 complications.

The family recently spoke to ABC News about their journey and homecoming.

"The girls were actually a little shocked. I thought our 6-year-old might pass out," Autumn said. "Instant smiles, but they were definitely surprised."

"Having my whole family under one roof for the first time, I don't have words to put on that. I was extremely happy, overjoyed," Zach said. "We're just taking every second that we have together and just cherishing it because we were healthy, just normal people three months ago and our life got turned upside down."

Huxley was born in August while Autumn was hospitalized. She got to hold him for the first time in October.

Autumn Carver held her infant son, Huxley, for the first time since his birth in August.

WRTV has been following Autumn's recovery since September. In October, she learned she would not need a double lung transplant.

Now, the couple says they've been surprised by friends and family since they've been home as the family readjusts.

"The kiddos are still young enough, they're resilient ... we have tons of help around, which is super nice. It's been great," Autumn said.

Autumn says she hasn't had any trouble breathing and aside from some nerve damage in her left leg that is healing, she is doing well as recovery continues.

"I think we just totally have a renewed outlook on life just with everything. As much as nobody wants to get up in the middle of the night, I think it's easier for us to just count it as a blessing," Autumn said.

Autumn says during her time in the hospital, Zach was by her side reminding her it would be okay.

Autumn and Zach Carver.jpg
Autumn and Zach Carver smile at Northwestern Medicine. Autumn was discharged from the hospital in December.

"I was scared for a long time just being sick and being in the hospital ... we would pray together and use that to stay motivated," Autumn said. "I've always trusted him ... we would just take it a day at a time."

Zach says other families going through similar situations have reached out to him and his family.

"We've been very blessed to help other people [and] just give support ... don't quit, don't give up hope. You've just gotta fight and be the advocate for that person."

Autumn tells her kids every morning to be kind and to make someone smile.

"Our world could use a lot more kindness and forgiveness and joy," she said.