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How Hoosiers can help Las Vegas victims

How Hoosiers can help Las Vegas victims
Posted at 7:48 AM, Oct 03, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- After Monday morning's mass shooting in Las Vegas, many Hoosiers are trying to find out how they can help the victims, and keep themselves safe in case the worst happens in Indiana.

There are two places you can donate:

The Las Vegas Victim's Fund is a GoFundMe set up by an official from Las Vegas. It has raised more than $2.9 million in less than a day. 

You can also give to the National Compassion Fund, which takes care of the immediate needs of the mass casualty victims. 

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Indiana State Police also host active shooter training, to empower citizens so they know the plan in case something like that happens here. Click here to read information on active shooter preparedness.

The Red Cross held First Aid, CPR and AED use training. 

"If you're in the midst of people who are hurt you can provide that immediate assistance to those who are hurt until first responders get there," said Lamar Holliday of the American Red Cross.

Click here to find Red Cross classes near you.

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