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IMPD turns over Aaron Bailey shooting death investigation to Marion County Prosecutor's Office

Posted at 7:14 PM, Aug 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-11 19:29:53-04

INDIANAPOLIS – The investigation into the death of Aaron Bailey, the man fatally shot by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers in June, was turned over to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office Friday.

Bailey was shot on June 29 just before 2 a.m. after he was pulled over by police for a traffic violation near the intersection of Burdsal Parkway and Riverside Drive. Police said no weapons were inside the vehicle during the incident.

In a statement, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office said:

"Our office has received IMPD’s investigation and just this week received the Coroner’s report on the death of Mr. Aaron Bailey. In addition, Prosecutor Curry has directed investigators assigned to our office to follow up on information which may be pertinent to the investigation. This matter remains a priority for our office. More information will be provided on the anticipated next steps in the process as the investigative phase concludes."

In response to the developments, Aaron Bailey family attorney Craig Karpe said, "I'm encouraged with the movement and hope momentum continues."

The focus of the investigation remains on IMPD officers Carlton Howard and Michel Dinnsen who remain on administrative duty. Bailey’s family recently received the autopsy report that revealed he was shot four times and died from those injuries.

“I feel like I’ve got faith and the truth will come out,” said Erica Bailey, Aaron’s daughter.

Kimberly Brown, Bailey’s sister, said although he was struck four times, reports found at least 11 bullet holes hit the vehicle.

“I do want justice on both ends. I mean if they came with an answer to what happened that night, then maybe I could feel better about what happened with the police officers and with my brother, but with no answers at this point, I kind of have to question it,” said Brown.

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On Friday, Bailey’s family also received the toxicology report that showed he had cocaine and stimulants in his system the night he died.

"It doesn't mean he's a nobody,” said Kimberly. “Still that night, why did he end up dead? If Aaron did something wrong, he deserved to be in jail.”

Bailey’s family said he was working with a local church group on his personal issues.

Video of his car, released Friday by Karpe, shows what’s left of the vehicle.

Based on the damage, how and where the bullets hit the vehicle, an engineering firm will be able to determine the possible location of where the two officers were standing when they fired their weapons.

"It appears the police were shooting immediately behind the vehicle and behind and on the driver’s side of the vehicle when they discharged their weapons,” said Karpe.

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