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Indiana families see ‘significant' increases in 2018 health care premiums

Posted at 11:17 PM, Oct 30, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS – As Hoosiers begin to preview health care plans covered under the Affordable Care Act, they’re finding fewer providers and higher costs.

Eric and Soyung Key, who launched a web design and media company 12 years ago, said insurance coverage was needed once they ventured out on their own.

When the couple began looking at coverage for themselves and their family, they found the prices too expensive.

“It was outrageous at $700 or $800 a month,” said Eric.

Once the ACA passed, the Keys were able to pay about $450 per month as tax credits helped them avoid the original $1,000 cost.

“It afforded us the privilege of living like a normal American family and still knowing that if something devastating happened to us, we would be able to be covered,” said Eric.

The Keys said as they reviewed 2018 costs, they’ve noticed changes.

"I'm seeing that the prices, even with the tax credits, are going up. It's not just a few dollars, it's still pretty significant. It's over $100 increase for insurance,” said Soyung.

The couple has considered whether to pay more money per month to maintain their level of coverage or settle for less. They said going without insurance is not an option for their family.

"We have been very fortunate we have not had to use our health insurance. That almost makes it hurt more, because it's not returning anything tangible,” said Soyung.

Plans can be previewed at, and the enrollment period – which begins November 1 and ends December 15 – is shorter than in years’ past.

In June, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and MDwise announced they were pulling out of Indiana's health care marketplace, citing uncertainty as to the future of the marketplace.

The marketplace has already seen a drastic reduction in carriers from 2016 to 2017 with four pulling out before the beginning of the year.

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