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Indy DPW announces 2023 capital infrastructure construction projects

DPW working to fill potholes
Posted at 3:41 PM, Mar 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-06 22:00:42-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Thousands of feet of new and rehabbed sidewalk, trails and more are coming to Indianapolis.

For the 2023 construction season, Indy DPW has programmed $287 million in transportation projects and $156 million in stormwater infrastructure projects, including:

  • The West Michigan Street Road Diet is one of the city’s largest on-street bicycle infrastructure projects. With improved sidewalks, reduced travel lanes, and overall connectivity improvements coming to the Near Westside, this project will beautify and upgrade an area that has been historically disconnected from the City’s existing bike-ped infrastructure.
  • The Nickel Plate Trail conversion will begin to create a multi-use trail from 42nd & the Monon Trail, east to the Nickel Plate Trail and north to 96th Street. The project will also connect communities at 62nd Street east to Eastwood Middle School and on 86th Street west to Sahm Park.

"I'm walking these paths. Even in the current state that it is, days like this when its gorgeous out — I want to keep continue to walk this area and feel safe," Indianapolis resident Brooke Estabrook said.

In total, this year's capital plan includes:

  • 65,964 linear feet of new sidewalk
  • 82,489 linear feet of rehabbed sidewalk
  • 108,177 linear feet of new trails
  • 1,191 new ADA ramps
  • 214 lane miles of street rehabilitation
  • 73,941 linear feet of new storm sewers
  • 16 bridge rehabilitation projects

You can see the full 2023 Construction Season list and map here to find out where work will be completed this year.