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Indy man upset neighbor's chickens are destroying his yard

Posted at 11:17 PM, Aug 13, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis man says his neighbor’s chickens and ducks are tearing up his yard and leaving unwanted “presents” behind.

“I’m done with them letting their animals out,” said Roger Hillenburg. “Last year they came out and they actually dug plants of mine up.”

Hillenburg says his neighbor’s birds are out most days, running through his and the other neighbors’ yards.

He got a letter last month from the Indianapolis Animal Care Services saying it’s illegal for an owner to allow their animal to defecate or urinate on a public street or property.

A spokesperson for animal control says that letter was also sent to the property owner, but no animal control officer was sent out to inspect.

Animal control remains backed up, with more than 750 calls on the backlog. A spokesperson says a call for roaming chickens wouldn’t receive a top priority for an officer run, those calls are reserved for aggressive animals or at risk animals only.

“I absolutely understand hem not jumping on somebody yelling about chickens and ducks,” said Hillenburg. “But I’d like for them to tell people to keep their animals on their own property.”

Hillenburg says he’s not upset with animal control, but if something isn’t done soon to get the fowl under control, he may have to take matters into his own hands.

“Keep your ducks or chickens or guinea fowl up or they might get hurt,” said Hillenburg.

The owner of the birds says they won’t ever allow the birds out to roam in the neighborhood again.

If you have issues with animals roaming your neighborhood, a spokesperson for animal control says you should file a report with the Mayor’s Action Center.

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