IPS teacher caught on camera swearing, shouting at students

Posted at 7:13 PM, Oct 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-18 13:07:19-04

INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis teacher was caught on camera swearing at students Tuesday morning, and a mother is calling for IPS to suspend the educator.

Students captured cell phone video of an Arsenal Technical High School music teacher shouting.

"I have asked you nicely to be quiet for nine weeks. I have asked you to be quiet for nine - (bleep) – weeks,” the teacher said in the video.

Jerrilyn Bryant, mother of one of the students, said it wasn’t the first time her son complained about something happening in class, so she encouraged him to record video.

Bryant’s son said the teacher asked him and his classmates to stop talking, and then a mouse or rat ran across the floor, which caused more chaos.

"That's totally inappropriate, totally,” said Bryant. “Especially coming from a teacher, somebody that's there to teach our children, not harm our children or down talk our children."

She said the situation is also frustrating because she pulled her children out of private schools because she wanted them to have access to extracurricular and academic opportunities at Arsenal Tech.

"It really upsets me because I've come a long way with my son. You know what I'm saying? It's like coming from fighting battles to being relaxed, knowing your kid is in school, doing what he wants to, actually wants his education."

Bryant said that she hopes speaking up and showing the video will change the way conversation is handled in the classroom.

"Some of our children are disobedient but for the ones that aren't and are trying to get an education, where is the help for them? Where is the respect for them?” said Bryant.

IPS officials released a statement on the incident:

“Indianapolis Public Schools is aware of a verbal altercation between a teacher, and a student today on the campus of Arsenal Technical High School. School leaders are implementing appropriate district protocols.”
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