IU Impounds dozens of improperly parked scooters; won't release them until companies pay fines

Posted at 6:31 PM, Oct 04, 2018

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University is laying out new rules when it comes to scooters on campus with big fines for scooter companies for scooters left in places they shouldn’t be.

Since September 19, the university has impounded 150 scooters, and those scooters won’t be released until the company who owns them pays their fines.

“If they’re blocking an ADA ramp, if they’re blocking a sidewalk, if they’re blocking access ways somewhere that makes it unsafe for other people who are walking along and could run into them,” said IU spokesperson Chuck Carney.

Students say the scooters are a great way to get around campus, but Carney says they’re being dumped all over campus when students are in a rush to get to class.

He says the university will continue to impound scooters that are left in the wrong place, like in the middle of the sidewalk or blocking traffic.

“These are to be operated in a way that makes them safe for everybody, not ridden on sidewalks, ridden in buildings, not in places where you hit other people,” said Carney. “Work with the flow of traffic and obey traffic laws. In the same way, we want them parked in a way that keeps people safe as well, so put them in the right spot.”

Carney says the university is not planning to ban scooters, but they are urging students to be safe and park them at the bike racks, so they aren’t impeding anyone else on campus.

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