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Man claims IMPD officers went too far; Internal Affairs investigating if proper force was used

Posted at 12:02 AM, Oct 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-13 11:27:12-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- A man says he made some mistakes while being arrested by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers, but he believes the officers went too far in their use of force against him.

Bryant Patrick Jr. said him and his cousin were heading home early Sunday morning when they were pulled over because they were in his fiance's car, and her license is suspended. 

Patrick admits he shouldn't have ran from police and he understands why police detained him the way they did. 

"The only reason I fled was because I was scared," Patrick said. "When they finally did catch up to me, I had five pistols in my face."

But Patrick says it's what happened after police had him in custody that he doesn't understand. He says the handcuffs were tight so he tried to make an adjustment. 

"I definitely complied. I laid down, he put the handcuffs on me and it got worse after that," Patrick said. "I was raised up, stood up, choked, punched and then slammed back down to the ground."

His girlfriend captured the arrest on his cell phone.

"The turn that you seen me do is me trying to aid them to go in my pocket," Patrick said. "The only reason they said that they did was that I was making too much noise."

City of Indianapolis Public Health and Public Safety spokeswoman, Aliya Wishner, said IMPD's Internal Affairs Unit is looking into the case to determine if an appropriate amount of force was used. 

The IMPD Use of Force Policy states:

Officers may use reasonable force if the officer reasonably believes the force is necessary given the totality of the circumstances.

In the absence of an imminent threat to an officer or third person, control devices shall not be used on a person who is handcuffed or secured for transportation.

Wishner said you can file complaints with the Independent Citizen Police Complaint Board, which is not apart of IMPD.

The new Performance and Policy division, which was established by IMPD Chief Bryan Roach earlier this month, is tasked with reviewing every use of force incident, regardless if a complaint was filed. 

Patrick says he plans to file a complaint. 

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