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Mother says her daughter's school bus is so overcrowded she's forced to sit on the floor

Posted at 8:00 PM, Sep 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-06 22:48:30-04

LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, Ind. -- A Lawrence Township mother says her daughter’s school bus has been so overcrowded that she’s been forced to sit on the floor. 

Autumn Summers said her 7th-grade daughter told her last week that she has had to squat next to an emergency exit on her school bus on several occasions because it was so overcrowded that there weren’t enough seats for all of the students.  

“My daughter got off the school bus, and she informed me she was riding squatted down for the entire ride in the morning and in the evening, she was told to sit in her seat from the morning again, so she squatted down,” said Summers.

Summers said when she first contacted the school district, they didn’t seem to share her concerns for her daughter’s safety.

“I was reassured that the door would not open, so it was okay,” said Summers.

But after she got ahold of someone higher up, they told her the seating arrangements were unacceptable.

“He told me it would be taken care of, bear with them while they adjust everything,” said Summers. “I did make sure he was not meaning 'bear with him' as in my daughter will continue to ride like that and they said ‘absolutely not.’”

Summers said Thursday her daughter was finally able to sit on a seat, but another student was forced to sit on the floor, which is not what she wanted to happen.

RTV6’s Nicole Griffin reached out to Lawrence Township Schools to find out how many students ride the bus with Summer’s daughter and if that school bus was overcrowded. Their only response was that the Director of Transportation has spoken with the mother, and they are “working together towards a solution,” but those details are still being worked out.

Shortly after our request, Summers received a phone call from the Transportation Director saying they were working on a plan of action and that the issue would be resolved “within 24 hours.”

Summers says the Transportation Director also offered to have a special needs bus pick up her daughter – and others – until they get the seating situation figured out.

RTV6 will continue to track this story and bring you more information when the situation is resolved.

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