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Former Harrison College students could opt for loan forgiveness

Posted at 6:25 PM, Sep 20, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS -- Former Harrison college nursing students were advised by the past president of the school to take advantage of loan forgiveness and lose their credits.  

Many of those students had been hoping to transfer to National American University to complete their course of study. But that school does not have appropriate licensing to operate a nursing program in the state of Indiana.

If students take advantage of loan forgiveness which in some cases is over $20,000 dollars, they can no longer transfer any credits. Steve Hardin, a past president of Harrison College, told the students taking advantage of that course of action might be best.

Shannon Evans was one of dozens of students crammed into the State Nursing Board meeting. She was 12 weeks from completing an Associate Degree to be an LPN.  

“Who wants to take all those classes over again? Nobody,” Evans said. “I have a child I have a job.  I can’t afford that. I just can’t. I have already taken enough time.”

The State Nursing Board was supportive of the students' plight, and encourage them to pursue their education in the best way they could.  

Many students were part of that 15-month Associate Degree program that would have been completed in December, had the college not abruptly shut down last week.

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“We went to this meeting today hoping our campus, our east campus would remain open and that we would be able to be taught out and finish our program and here we are,’ Evan said. Where are we going to go now? They are not helping us.”

Ivy Tech is one of several schools still trying to work with students to see which credits may transfer into their programs.  

Dr. Kathleen Lee, Ivy Tech Chancellor for Central Indiana says the school is working on the possibility that some Harrison College students would be able to take tests to demonstrate their competency. The fees for those tests are being waived.

“They have hope that they can show their skills and that their skills will be counted toward the work that they are trying to do,” said Dr. Lee. “Whether their credit will transfer remains up in the air.”

Ivy Tech is encouraging students to call to see if the school can help. You can reach them at 888-IVY-LINE.

Other schools that are working with Harrison College students include:

  • The American College of Education
  • Indiana Wesleyan University
  • International Business College
  • Ivy Tech
  • Ross Medical Education Center
  • Saint Mary of the Woods
  • WGU Indiana

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education will get all of Harrison’s transcript records over time for people who need to get proof for a future job or to apply to another school.

It will take several weeks before the commission will be ready to manage that database.

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