Parents say Franklin Twp. bus driver wouldn't let kids on bus who weren't waiting when she pulled up

Posted at 7:27 PM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 19:27:21-04

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Ind. -- A Franklin Township bus driver is being disciplined by the district after she was caught on camera not letting kids on the bus because they weren’t already waiting for her when she arrived at the stop.

Jacob Parham says he was in his garage when he heard his son and a neighbor kid running back up to their home. The boys told him the bus driver wouldn’t let them on the bus.

“They are approaching me saying, ‘she won’t let us on the bus, she left me, she won’t let us on the bus,’” said Parham.

Parham said the boys ran to catch the bus when it pulled up, but because they weren’t already waiting in at the bus stop when she pulled up – the driver wouldn’t let them board.

“When they got in line, the bus driver shut the door in their face when it was their turn to get on the bus,” said Parham.




Parham and the other parent reached out to the transportation department and the school to find out why the bus driver would be allowed to leave his children.

The Director of Transportation for Franklin Township Schools says their policy is for kids to be at the bus stop 5-10 minutes before their pickup time. They don’t want students running to catch the bus because it puts them in danger.

But he also says the driver should never leave students at the bus stop and should not have handled the incident in the way that they did.

The Director of Transportation did say that the students in question have been told on more than one occasion about the policy of being at the bus stop 5-10 minutes before pickup.

Parham says it doesn’t matter if they were in line – they still need to get to school safely.

“I didn’t understand why she would do that. Her main job is to get them to school and get them to school safe,” said Parham. “Whether she has to sit there 10 seconds or two minutes, that’s what she has to do. It’s all about getting kids to school safe.”

Luckily, another bus driver was able to stop and get the boys.

“She said, ‘my job was to get the kid to school safely, it’s that simple,’” said Parham.

The Director of Transportation says the bus driver that left the kids has been disciplined and the district will make sure that she receives additional training.

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