Protesters call for removal of Stephen Clay as Indianapolis City-County Council president

Vote scheduled for Feb. 19 meeting
Posted at 11:37 PM, Jan 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-29 23:44:37-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis City-County Council President Stephen Clay, who was just elected to the position three weeks ago, will face a vote at the next council meeting to see if he will remain president or be forced to step down.

Dozens of people called for Clay's removal at Monday night's council meeting.

They say Clay, a Democrat, 'backdoored' a deal to become president of the city-county council by naming Republicans to head up several committees.

Tony Davis was among the protestors. Davis says the council president gave away the democratic majority voters in Marion County elected.

"If we wanted Republicans to have these chair seats then we would have voted them as a majority into city-county council," said Davis.

"We hope that this deal that they pulled on us last time gets undone in a fashion that is honorable and transparent and satisfies the people," said Linda Porter, protestor.

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Councilman Joseph Simpson made a motion at Monday night's meeting to remove Clay as council president.

The motion passed in a second vote with 13 council members voting in favor and 10 abstaining, meaning that council can decide at the Feb. 19 whether to remove Clay as council president or not.

Eleven of those who voted in favor of the motion released a statement saying they rejected the "political gamesmanship" of the council president.

Clay says stepping down is not on his mind, but he will not attempt to undermine the vote at the next council meeting and he will respect the outcome even if it means his removal as council president.

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