Randolph County family says maintenance crew broke into their home, changed locks by mistake

Posted at 11:11 PM, Dec 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-09 14:27:48-05

RANDOLPH COUNTY, Ind. -- A Randolph County family say they feel unsafe after a house address mix-up led to their home being broken into by a contracted maintenance crew who changed their locks and rummaged through their things. 

Chris and Danielle Brainerd say the crew mistakenly went to their home on West Williams Street when they were supposed to go to a home with the same number on East Williams Street.

Chris says not only were their locks changed, but someone took his coins from the '20s, '30s, and '40s that had been passed on by his grandpa, William Edwards.

The family lives in the Farmland home with their six children and says they can’t believe anyone would mistake their lived-in home for one they were supposed to clean out.

“We felt safe in our neighborhood prior to this and now I think we’re gonna have to foot the bill and just get some of that extra security so this doesn’t happen again,” said Danielle.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says a crew working on behalf of the Indianapolis-based Village Real Estate company accidentally came to the Brainerd’s home thinking it was the property that needed to be cleaned and placed on the market.

Police solved the mystery when the cleaning crew reported that a dog had been left in the home.

That dog belonged to the Brainerds.

The Brainerds say they spoke with someone from the Village Real Estate Company about addressing the issue several weeks ago, but the company has not gotten back to them.

“We’re all human, we make mistakes. But what we do after we make those mistakes says a lot about our character,” said Danielle. “You can either step-up and be accountable or you can behave this way. It’s unacceptable.”

The Village Real Estate Company issued the following statement in regards to the complaint:

If Mrs. Brainerd believes an employee or contractor of Village Real Estate Company, LLC entered her home and removed personal property, she should immediately file a police report with the Randolph County authorities. Any employee or contractor of our company who is found to have committed an illegal act will be fired and turned over to the authorities. It's our understanding the alleged event occurred nearly a month ago, and yet Mrs. Brainerd has failed to provide any reasonable description, written or otherwise, of any loss or damage she incurred on account any employee, contractor, or other person authorized by our company.

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