Real-life 'Grinch' steals presents from under Indy family's tree

Posted at 12:25 AM, Dec 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-21 00:26:15-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis family's Christmas is now in jeopardy after they say someone broke into their home and stole all of the gifts from under their Christmas tree. 

Police are now searching for the real-life "Grinch" who broke into Ashley Green's apartment on Whitehaven Road Tuesday afternoon. 

"I thought it was a normal day, I put my key in the hole and my door actually popped open for me without me turning the key," said Green. "So I step in and it was completely destroyed."

Green says her apartment was broken into while she was at work and ransacked.

"Presents ripped, they basically took what they wanted - came in and stole everything - five days before Christmas," said Green. 

Everything - including the gifts for her 3-year-old and 5-year-old - was gone. 

"It broke me, it really did," said Green. "It hurt more for my kids. I would have completely felt better if they took everything that belonged to me and didn't touch anything of the kids, but to steal from kids before Christmas - it's really pathetic."

Now Green says she doesn't feel safe in her own apartment, and while she's looking to move out, she's also trying to figure out how she's going to have Christmas for her two young kids. 

"I'm not sure how I'm going to turn this around for them," said Green. "But I'm really trying. Really."

Police say these types of burglaries are common this time of year - especially when there are presents easily visible underneath a Christmas tree. 

Check out the five tips below from HouseLogic to keep the Grinch from ruining your Christmas this year. 

  1. Keep your "check-ins" in check
  2. Remember to lock your door
  3. Don't give vandals a chance to act
  4. Deny easy access to the garage
  5. Display the tree, not the gifts

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