Red Line construction causing dangerous ripple effect, neighbors say

Posted at 11:21 AM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2019-08-26 11:01:35-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- With the Red Line construction in full swing, some people near the work say it's causing a dangerous increase in traffic in front of their homes. 

Pauline Valvo said she worries about her daughter, especially with an influx of traffic heading their way. 

Valvo's daughter, now 10 years old, was born blind. 

Valvo has filed several requests with the Mayor's Action Center for a sign that says "Blind Child in Neighborhood," but each time she calls, she's told to fill out another request.

"About a year ago I just gave up and actually had my daughter's bus rerouted to pick her up somewhere else so we didn't have to deal with that," Valvo said. 

Red Line projects have reached 38th Street, still a few blocks south of Valvo and her daughter, but the mother now worries that once it reaches them, she'll see more people avoiding designated detours to head down Broadway Street, where she lives. 

She wants speed bumps, or some way to slow down the traffic in her neighborhood. 

In order to get temporary speed bumps installed, She must submit a form to the Mayor's Action Center, then a petition with 75 percent of neighbors signing on. If the petition is approved, DPW will conduct a traffic study and determine if change is warranted. 

In other words, somebody requesting a temporary change during the construction must go through the same process as neighbors requesting a permanent change. 

"That doesn't seem reasonable to me," Valvo said. "It seems like there should be something in place that's quicker where there's actually a response, not just a form you fill out."

She wants the traffic calming measures and the sign to let drivers know her visually impaired daughter lives on the narrow street.

"Take away vision and a kid's at even more risk of getting hit by a car," she said. 

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