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Roncalli parent defends school and guidance counselor, calls out person who outed her

Posted at 4:43 PM, Aug 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 18:34:17-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- A Roncalli parent is voicing a different point of view in support of both the school and a guidance counselor on leave because of her same-sex marriage. 

Robert Vane authored a column in the Indy Star calling out the person who outed Shelly Fitzgerald and saying they should be the one under fire, not the school. 

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“It is unfathomable to me that someone took the time and energy to do the research necessary to make Ms. Fitzgerald’s life a living hell,” said vane.

Fitzgerald says the school told her she needed to either resign or get a divorce after finding out she was married to another woman. 

The identity of the person who gave the school a copy of her marriage certificate remains a mystery.

In his column, Vane says Fitzgerald’s 15-year employment was going great until someone decided to subject Roncalli and Fitzgerald to this “painful circus.”

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“For Roncalli, the school staff and the leadership to be subject to this vitriol and all the criticism quite frankly is unfair,” said Vane. “They didn’t get to make the decision. They were smart enough to hire Shelly Fitzgerald and it’s not their fault all these other things happened.”

“It’s not like she was robbing banks. She wanted to work and support her family,” said Vane. “I think it is terrible to take that away from somebody. I don’t think anyone should lose a job because of their sexuality, who they love and who they choose to be married to.”

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Vane says he hopes the school can find a way to have Fitzgerald continue to work with students at the school.

“I hope they arrive at a solution that’s best for everybody. I mentioned contract employment as a possibility. I’m not a human resources attorney, I’m not exactly sure of the best way. What I do know is the students want her here, the faculty wants her here and the parents want her here. She wants to be here, why can’t she be?”

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