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2 loose dogs kill cats, rabbit on southeast side, neighbors say

Posted at 6:40 AM, Aug 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 06:43:10-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- Multiple people living on Indianapolis' southeast side say another neighbor's dogs got into their yards and attacked their pets over the weekend. 

"Those were my bunnies," Rana Anderson said. "I'm pretty distraught."

Anderson lives near the intersection of Harlan Street and Pleasant Run Parkway. 

She said two dogs attacked one of her three pet rabbits. 

Anderson's next door neighbor's cat was also killed. 

"They came over here and after that it was chaos. -- absolutely chaos," Danielle Fleener said. "My cat is dead, the other neighbor's cat is dead. Their bunny is dead -- all in the same morning."

"I was very, very sad." Fleener said. "That was something I didn't wanna see and especially my neighbor. She's a little girl."

Fleener said she plans to go to court to make sure the dogs' owner faces consequences. 

RTV6 obtained a police description of the dogs' living situation.

The document states the dogs had no tags. One had a chain around its neck with a pad lock. The other was tethered with an extension cord. Their food was soaked with rain water. 

Police could not locate the owners. 

"These people need to be responsible for their dogs," Ellen Ackerman said. "I keep my dogs inside. I have four of them."

For Anderson, the recent attack changes things. She used to let her rabbits run free in the backyard. 

"I don't really feel comfortable letting them run in the backyard anymore," she said.

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