Stock up now: No alcohol sales on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve in Indiana this year

Posted at 1:46 PM, Dec 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-23 13:46:54-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- If you're planning to have any adult beverages on Christmas Eve or at your New Years Eve party you might want to stock up today. Both holidays fall on Sunday this year, which means you won't be able to purchase alcoholic beverages in Indiana stores. 

The next time both dates will fall on a Sunday will be in 2023, but many hope that by then, Sunday sales won't be an issue in Indiana. The associations representing liquor stores and grocery stores have teamed up to support Sunday sales, after bills to allow the sales have failed the last three years in a row. 

“While we anticipate this will be the last holiday season Hoosiers will have to plan around Sunday carry-out laws, we wanted to alert those who are making their grocery and alcohol lists right now that their purchasing options will still be limited in 2017," said Wine and Spirits Distributors of Indiana Executive Director Jim Purucker.

If you're just looking to grab a cold drink with your meal on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve, restaurants and bars can still serve alcohol to customers. 

“As always, whatever holiday plans you have this year, we encourage you to enjoy your alcoholic beverages responsibly,” said Indiana Beverage Alliance President Marc Carmichael.

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