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TRAFFIC ALERT: Richmond drivers, beware of U.S. 27 restrictions this weekend

Posted at 11:20 AM, Oct 06, 2017

If you live in the Richmond area, you'll want to pay attention to this traffic alert that could impact any road travels this weekend.

U.S. 27 access over I-70 and left-turn motions at the Exit 151 interchange will be restricted starting at 9-o-clock on Friday night, until 6-o-clock on Monday morning.

During this time, eastbound I-70 traffic seeking northbound U.S. 27 should continue east to the State Road 227 interchange, return westbound, and then access northbound U.S. 27 from westbound I-70.

Coming from the opposite direction, westbound I-70 traffic seeking southbound U.S. 27 should continue west to the U.S. 35 exit interchange, return eastbound, and then access southbound U.S. 27 from eastbound I-70.

If you're heading southbound on U.S. 27, you can access eastbound I-70 by taking westbound I-70 to the U.S. 35 exit interchange, to return eastbound.

And, if you're traveling northbound on U.S. 27, you can access westbound I-70 by taking eastbound I-70 to the State Road 227 exit interchange, to return westbound.

This closure is happening to complete a bridge maintenance and preservation project, so though it might give some headaches this weekend, in the long run,it'll be worth it.