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Trump calls Indiana a 'tremendous example' of what successful tax reform can accomplish

Posted at 7:46 PM, Sep 27, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- In what may have been one of his most subdued speeches since becoming President of the United States, Donald Trump unveiled the Republican framework for tax reform in Indianapolis on Wednesday, citing Indiana as a “tremendous example” of what successful tax cuts can accomplish.

"This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, and I guess it's probably something I could say that I'm very good at," Trump said during his remarks at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Trump called for reducing the personal income tax brackets from seven to three, doubling the standard deduction for married and single filers, eliminating the estate tax and cutting the corporate tax rate up to 20 percent.

“Indiana is a tremendous example of the prosperity that is unleashed when we cut taxes and set free the dreams of our citizens,” Trump said during his speech. “This state has claimed a powerful competitive edge built on low taxes and less regulation.”

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Trump blames that success on none other than former Indiana Governor, Vice President Mike Pence.

“All of this is possible because the people of this state have made a decision, they chose to make Indiana competitive again,” said Trump. “It included electing a governor who you may have heard of – who signed the largest income tax cut in the state’s history – our very, very terrific person and terrific vice president, Mike Pence.”


Trump praised Pence’s tax reform within the state, citing the recent business boom as an example of what follows when such measures are taken and how it creates a better “quality of life” for the people of Indiana.

“It’s time for Washington to learn from the wisdom of Indiana. We need Washington to promote American jobs instead of instructing them.”

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The invitation-only event featured Indiana businessmen and farmers whom Trump used as examples to make his pitch.

For his call to repeal the estate tax, Trump shared the story of a seventh-generation farmer from Leesburg, Kip Thomas.

“That great heritage could come to an end because of the death tax or the estate tax and could make it impossible for him to pass that legacy to his wonderful family,” said Trump. “We are not going to allow the death tax to steal away the American dream.”


He also used Indianapolis small business owner, John Gannon’s story as part of his call for tax cuts for small businesses.

“John says that a tax cut like we’re proposing will make his business more competitive, allowing him to expand, hire more workers and raise wages for his current employees.”


And for his effort to reduce the business tax rate, Trump called upon father of two and IT worker, Aaron Williams’ difficulty finding work.

“Aaron is seeing the effects of high-corporate tax rates up close and personal as more and more high-tech jobs are shipped overseas,” said Trump. “Like millions of other Americans, Aaron wants to bring those jobs back to the United States.”

Trump cited these and many other examples in the hopes of drawing more support of the GOP plan, calling upon senators from both sides to support the plan.

Trump also took the chance to turn up the heat on Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly, warning him that if he doesn’t support his tax reform plan – there would be consequences.

“If Senator Donnelly doesn’t approve it – because, you know he’s on the other side – we will come here, we will campaign against him like you wouldn’t believe,” Trump said.


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