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WATCH: Runaway rooster leads chase across neighborhood

Posted at 10:43 AM, Dec 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-03 10:43:31-05

INDIANAPOLIS — For weeks, Denise Wilson has been waking up to less-than-welcome sounds of an unwanted rooster that moved into his tree. When an RTV6 crew started asking around the neighborhood to find out who it belonged to, the story came to an exciting end.

"It's digging holes," Wilson said."It's using the bathroom on the front porch. At 6:30 every morning it starts crowing."

The Mars Hill Rooster entered Wilson's life on the wings of a storm. 

"A few weeks ago we had really high winds and this rooster blew in and it took up residence in this tree and now we can't get rid of it," she said. "We just want it to go away"

Wilson said Indianapolis Animal Care Services sent officers out, but they couldn't catch it.

Roosters aren't illegal in Indianapolis. You're allowed 12 chickens and one rooster per lot, but from dusk to dawn, roosters have to be kept in an enclosure.

We couldn't find the rooster -- until the sun went down. That's when we saw two people enter Wilson's yard. It turns out they were the owners. They spotted the rooster and got it loose.

The rooster went running, and everybody ran after it. The rooster disappeared for a moment, but it was caught by the owners. 


"I'm really happy they have their rooster back and he can be their problem and not ours," she said. 

The rooster's owners asked not to be on camera, but said they're taking it home and will make sure it doesn't get out again.

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