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Mars Hill man's mission to create Youth Center

Posted at 11:53 AM, Oct 26, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- A Mars Hill man is on a mission to create a youth center in his community to help kids become successful.

Pastor Pete Johnson already has the land on Holt Road, now he just needs help from community members to raise money for the building.

Johnson grew up in Mars Hill and has gone through struggles in his life. 

"When there was trouble in my home, there were things I could do," Johnson said. Growing up, he enjoyed spending time at the old South Wayne Jr. High playing sports.

However, he says when you drive through Mars Hill now, you don't see kids out playing sports. There are no baseball fields. There are no football fields for kids in the neighborhood to play on.

"It hurts me to know there are kids in this neighborhood that have the talent, that have the ability but no pride. We are going to help them restore that pride," Johnson said.

There are a variety of factors, Johnson said, as to why kids are not getting to participate in sports. He says money and transportation are big factors. There is also a drug problem in Mars Hill.

"When these kids are looking for something to do, we'll have a place," Johnson said.

The Mars Hill Youth Center will be a place where kids can come and not only learn how to play basketball, but they will also learn life skills.

Johnson bought a 16,000-square-foot property at 2548 S. Holt. The total cost of the project is $150,000. The blueprints have been made. He just needs $60,000 to get started.

 "We are literally $150,000 away from walking in the door and turning on the lights, and that's what we got to have," Johnson said.