Woman claims thieves tried to use scooter to lure her into alley for carjacking

Posted at 5:02 PM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 21:09:55-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- A woman says she believes a group of thieves used a Bird scooter to lure her into an alley in downtown Indianapolis and then try to carjack her vehicle. 

Krista Beck said after taking her kids to a movie the other night, the family decided to drive around and find some Bird scooters they could take home and charge. The company allows people to sign up to collect scooters, charge them and then return them to the road to make a few extra bucks.

Beck said her Bird app took her down one of the side streets near East and Ohio streets to pick up a scooter, but when they pulled up next to it three people were waiting nearby to carjack them.

“I feel like they had the scooter and they were waiting for somebody to show up and hop out,” said Beck.

She said the three strangers approached their vehicle, yelling, pounding on their car windows and demanding they get out.

“It’s really sad. It’s sad that people want to live their lives like this,” said Beck. “I don’t know if they had a gun. They could’ve shot. This is forever. This is your life.”

Beck and her family were able to drive away before anything serious happened, but she says the fear from that night lingers.

“I read about it all the time: somebody taking somebody’s car and then their babies are in the back seat,” said Beck. Now I really feel like I’ve learned a life lesson and it’s not worth it to be out that late. Not with your babies.”

Police were called to the scene but say they were not able to make an arrest.

Bird released a statement to RTV6 saying chargers should never enter an area where they feel at risk or unsafe.

“We are committed to advancing the safety and well-being of our riders, chargers and communities where we operate, and we do not recommend chargers enter areas where they feel at risk.”

The company also encourages Bird Scooter riders or chargers to report any incidents to local police.  

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