Woman says strange man was following her, trying to isolate her at Indy park

Posted at 11:20 PM, Mar 20, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis woman says she was out for an afternoon walk with her dog when a man started following her and tried to lure her into a wooded area - in broad daylight. 

Sarah Bruner says she was walking at Ellenberger park when the strange man came around the corner. 

"I was gonna see if he would leave or whatever, but he just stopped," said Bruner. 

She thought maybe he was waiting for a bus or was taking a break - until he came over to her. 

"He walks up to me and immediately launches into something that felt like it was a rehearsed statement," said Bruner. "He asked me several times where I lived."

When the conversation got more uncomfortable Bruner said she walked back around the park, avoiding her car or any isolated areas - but when she got to a slight unpopulated part of the park he popped back out. 

"Immediately makes a beeline for me and started asking me the same questions again," said Bruner. "I was terrified and I probably should have called the police the second time."

Bruner said she took a step back and studied the man who was trying to isolate her - something police say you should do when in an uncomfortable situation as long as its safe. 

Some things to look for:

  • What they are wearing
  • Look at their shoes
  • Their facial features
  • How tall they are compared to you

Police says people like that may take off layers or change their clothes but they rarely change their shoes. 

Bruner was able to get away and says it won't affect her lifestyle, but she will be more cautious. 

"I don't feel comfortable with the fact that this man could be walking by my daughters at any time," said Bruner. "I'm not gonna let this affect my lifestyle I enjoy being active - I like taking my dog out but I will be more alert and more ready."

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