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Indy FOP President: Dallas is 'tragic reminder'

Posted at 9:51 AM, Jul 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-08 09:51:52-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis FOP President Rick Snyder said we seem to be caught in a vicious cycle when it comes to police shootings and attacks on police officers.

"All too often, we're talking about attacks on our law enforcement officers," Snyder said. "Law is the safeguard of our society. ... This is a tragic reminder of what they face."

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Five Dallas police officers were killed in attacks during a Black Lives Matter protest Thursday night. 

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There was no known threat to Indianapolis, but IMPD officers were instructed to remain vigilant, as they have to every day.

"It's not a matter of being extra vigilant," Snyder said. "They have to be vigilant every single day." 

Snyder pointed out that the police in Dallas were protecting many of the people who were there protesting against them.

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"We once again saw officers rushing in to protect others," he said. "Protecting them, shielding them with their bodies and getting them out of harm's way."

Watch full interview with Snyder in the video player above.

Snyder released the following statement on behalf of the FOP:

Our worst fears in the law enforcement profession became a reality with the tragic murder of multiple Dallas Police Officers that we as a nation have watched unfold. Our Indianapolis police community sincerely prays for the fallen, the injured and their families as the stark realities of this lethal attack fully comes into focus.

We have witnessed the most significant attack on law enforcement since 9/11 in what appears to be a coordinated planned assault specifically focused on those who don the police uniform.

Law is the safeguard of freedom, when those who swear to uphold the law fall under attack it threatens the fabric of our society.

Unfortunately, our country has been visibly reminded of the dangers our law enforcement officers face every day. Our police officers are not only heroes for what they do, but for what they may have to do as well. Tragically, we have again seen multiple officers lay down their lives for their fellow citizens, many of which they will never know.

Locally, our residents are humbled once again by watching the resolve of our Indianapolis peace officers as they arise and strap on their body armor, duty belts and badges while they faithfully step forward to steadfastly stand the line between good and evil. While heartbroken, they know all too well what is at stake. It is the same fragile
balance between order and chaos which existed long before this attack and remains here after. Thank God for such women and men who courageously stand firm in such uncertain times.

Our Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police has reached out to our counterparts in Dallas, Fort Worth and throughout Texas to express our condolences and to assure them we stand ready to assist in the coming days as they lay their fallen to rest.

In the interim, we humbly ask all Hoosiers to display blue lights in symbolic support for those who stand the line between good and evil. We also share that a simple, “thank you” to law enforcement officers for their faithful service and sacrifice goes a long way.

As we move forward, may we have faith in an abiding God and pray these events turn our nation toward his presence in our lives.