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Indy Fringe asking for donations after Artful Piano vandalized

Posted at 9:17 PM, Sep 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-09 21:17:15-04

INDIANAPOLIS — A musical instrument enjoyed throughout the summer by passersby on Mass Ave is in need of repairs, and Indy Fringe is asking for help to get it back out on the street.

Sometime over Labor Day weekend, vandals damaged the Artful Piano, a combination art installation/public musical piece that had sat in front of the District Theatre since the Pride Parade in June.

"Every weekend, you'll see people going up and down and playing on the piano and people just enjoy it," Indy Fringe associate director of operations Becki Roach said. "It's not only an art piece, but it's a functional art piece or it was until, you know, the vandalism."

Indy Fringe is asking for donations to help restore a public piano that had been outside on Mass Ave.

The damage, which includes broken front and top panels and a pedal that was snapped off, was discovered last week. It has been moved inside the District Theatre for now, and Indy Fringe is working to raise money to repair and restore it.

“Why can’t they leave an art piece for everyone to enjoy?” Roach said. “We’d like to get it repaired and restore it back to it’s original intention, which was an art piece and a functional playing piece."

Roach said people wanting to contribute money to restoring the piano can call Indy Fringe at 317-308-9800, donate through or through a campaign website that has a goal of raising $5,000.

"We just want to get it back out there for the public to enjoy," Roach said.