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Indy man meets firefighters who saved his life

Posted at 4:29 PM, Apr 24, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Josh Sand met Sunday with the firefighters who saved his life.

Earlier this month, Sand and his fiancée Emily Williams were driving home from McDonald's when Sand began to have seizure-like activity.

Williams, who was driving, pulled into their driveway and called 911. By that time, Sand wasn't breathing.

Williams then pulled Sand out of the car, removed the food from his mouth and began compressions. Firefighters arrived within minutes.

CPR was done on Sand for an hour. He was intubated, shocked, and administered with cardiac arrest medications. Sand was eventually taken to St. Francis Hospital, where his prognosis was "grim at best."

Nevertheless, Sand was resuscitated, and was eventually able to be taken off life support and is now recovering.

On Sunday, Sand and Williams met with the firefighters who helped save his life to say thanks.


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