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Indy Parks staffing shortage delaying free summer concert series

summer concert
Posted at 7:19 PM, Jul 02, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS— Each year, five parks across Indianapolis host free summer concerts, but this year there's been no music.

"I haven’t been able to find anything," said Bill Bailey, who attends the concerts.

Bailey didn't know there isn't any information to find on the concerts yet.

"I’m so sad about that," said Bailey.

The concerts usually start the last weekend in May. Indy Parks tells WRTV it's because of staffing shortages they haven't happened yet and they're working to fill those positions.

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"Lets urge them to get someone in that position. I think this season is really suffering from it," said Mac Bellner, whose band performs each year.

Bellner is a member of Hogey Navvy, a band that's been together for 35 yeas and consistently performs at Eagle Creek for the Summer Concert Series. They set a date with Eagle Creek for the end of May before finding out it wouldn't happen. Bellner says she never actually heard from the city.

"No word from the city, never received a phone call from the must have been eight or so messages that I left over a month and a half period. Never received any information about it and we've just been connected to it for a long time and I guess I just thought we would hear something and that didn't happen," said Bellner.

Bellner says she hopes they can still perform this summer. Indy Parks says they're hoping to be able to put the concerts on.