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Indy weighs in on how to honor Peyton Manning

Posted at 5:56 PM, Mar 10, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Peyton Manning has meant a lot to the city of Indianapolis.

After Peyton announced he was retiring from football, many were wondering about the best way to honor him.

We asked you to weigh in, and there were some definite themes among your answers. Several of you want a parade and a celebration at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Make Peyton Manning Day a state holiday, have a parade with him as Grand Marshal and a huge "Thank You Peyton" event at Lucas Oil Stadium featuring him, as well as Colts players past and present! - Adam Simmons

I think that there should be a big celebration in Lucas Oil!!! and make it on a time when people can make it at night or on the weekend!!! - Suzette Kile

The Sheriff should get a parade through downtown Indy finishing up at Lucas Oil. Then a giant party ensues afterwards, sponsored by that one beer company :) - Donnie Gibbons

He should get a parade and the Colts should let his fans say thank you in Lucas Oil - Alexia Ann

A few of you want a street or the stadium renamed in Peyton's honor.

Rename that small section of South Street "Peyton Manning Boulevard" - Kristi Lester

Name the stadium or the street it sits on after him, he helped make the Colts a winner in Indianapolis. He's the best quarterback the Colts will ever have - Dave Shaw

Name Lucas Oil Stadium "Manning" Stadium, have him be the Grand Marshal of Indy 500, retire #18 and hire him as Colts GM!!! - Tammy Ellis

Not surprisingly, quite a few of you want to see #18 retired.

Retire his number in the franchise - Edward R. Pickering

Ring of fame & retire his number - Deb Brackemyre

Here's an Indy 500-themed idea.

Would love to see him at the 100th running of the Indy 500. Maybe the Honorary Flag
Starter or Honorary Pace Car Driver  - Chris Boskey Kirk

At least one person had a whole list of ways she'd like to see Peyton honored.

Rename street in his honor, celebration open to all fans on weekend, statue of Peyton, retire number, permanent display of him and his records with interactive replays of videos posted since his announcement - Janet Fox McKinney

And we're not sure if this guy was joking or serious, but...

Let Peyton serve out the remaining term of Gov. Pence - David Hearell

Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas with us!