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IndyGo Red Line route expands north and south this Sunday

96th Street and Greenwood Mall are new end points
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Posted at 9:12 PM, Oct 24, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS—IndyGo Red Line buses are extending their routes, effective Sunday, October 27.

Not all, but some of the Red Line buses will end their routes at East 96th Street and College Avenue on the north, and Greenwood Park Mall to the south.

Since service on the mass transit bus route began two months ago, buses ran between 66th Street on the north side and University Station on the south side, with buses only stopping at the new Red Line stations.

Now, buses going beyond those end points will operate in what's considered "local service." Passengers will board the buses at normal street side stops.

An IndyGo spokesman says buses to 96th Street and the Greenwood mall will run about 20 minutes apart.

The Red Line has produced many new customers for IndyGo. The transit system reports 230,000 riders in September, with total IndyGo ridership up 30-percent over the same month last year.

Free fares on the Red Line will continue through November 10 due to delays in getting the MyKey fare vending machines in working order.