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IndyGo's Art in Transit program offers paying gig for artist

Selected artworks will be displayed at bus stops
Posted at 11:58 PM, Nov 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-25 23:59:03-05

INDIANAPOLIS — IndyGo is calling on all artists and offering a paying opportunity to have their work on display across Indianapolis.

"This is an exciting partnership with the Arts Council of Indianapolis to bring local art to IndyGo bus stops, shelters, facilities and really showcase some local artist," said Faith Chadwick, a spokesperson for IndyGo.

In the year of a pandemic, IndyGo's Art In Transit program may be one of the few paying gigs many artists have had in months. C.T. Hankins is an IPS art teacher by day and had his work selected to be on display at two different bus stops this year.

"I was actually able to make a little bit of profit on this project," said Hankins. Like many artists Hankins, isn't in the industry of art solely for the money. He does it to make people smile and open their eyes to different views of the world. It's an experience you get through his interactive sculpture called "A bit of me in you." which before being damaged, was on display at a bus stop on Indy's east side.

"We're fed what to imagine. It's very rare that people unplug for a moment and stop looking at social media or TV and they just let themselves dream and when that happens, it's like I'm helping these people have a little daydream, and it kind of feels like magic, it's really empowering," said Hankins.

Proposals for visual arts, literary, and performance-based projects are due to IndyGo by January 10, 2021, and at a time when art galleries and museums are battling COVID restrictions, being on display at a bus stop is a showcase that's nearly pandemic-proof.

"So many people from all different parts of the city ride IndyGo so it's a great opportunity to have your work seen by lots of people, lots of riders and also folks driving or walking down the street," said Chadwick.

To apply for the Art in Transit program, artists must be a Marion County resident and at least 18 years of age. You can submit your proposed idea online at