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GOP chooses Eric Holcomb to replace Pence on ticket

Posted at 11:36 PM, Jul 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-26 22:02:23-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- Eric Holcomb was selected Tuesday morning to replace Mike Pence as the Republican nominee for Indiana governor. 

"Today we stand united and give our full support to Eric as we race toward victory in November," Jeff Cardwell, the Chairman of the Republican Party, said.

In his acceptance of the role, Lt. Gov. Holcomb cited continuing to balance budgets and education investments.

Three other Republicans were vying for the spot: Rep. Susan Brooks, Rep. Todd Rokita and State Sen. Jim Tomes.

Brooks and Rokita will both seek to return to their Congressional districts, and will not seek the Lt. Gov. job.

The decision was made by the Republican Central Committee, a group of 24 legislators representing each congressional district in the state.

By law, the committee was required to meet within 30 days of the vacancy to choose a replacement.

And according to a member of the committee who asked not to be identified, before today the race was down to a toss-up between Brooks, the early front runner, and Holcomb, who received a huge boost on Friday thanks to an endorsement from Pence himself.

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Holcomb further tried to cement himself as Pence's replacement with an email to committee members detailing an "unequivocal endorsement" and commitment from Pence.

"Gov. Pence has made it crystal clear that he will assist me in maintaining control of the governor's office," Holcomb said in the email.

Holcomb later clarified that he didn't intend to suggest that other Republicans wouldn't get support from Pence if they were the nominee.

"I am speaking for myself, that I have had discussions with the governor and I look forward to his support," Holcomb said. "And that translates into financial support and other campaign resources and his campaign that I was part of before he was tapped [to be Donald Trump's VP]."

The committee said one of the number one things they were considering was who stacks up the best against the gubernatorial opponent, Democrat John Gregg. 

Gregg's party wasted little time after the choice was announced, sending out a release about his new opponent, calling him "out of touch" and citing his support and involvement with RFRA as a set back for Indiana.

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