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Interim IPS principal fighting to keep job amid Shana Taylor case

Posted at 11:23 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 23:23:13-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- An interim IPS principal is fighting to keep his job amid the Shana Taylor case at the district's Longfellow Alternative School.

Taylor, a former counselor at the school, is accused of having sex with students. She was arrested in February and remains awaiting trial.

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IPS administrators held a closed-door meeting Thursday to discuss the future of interim IPS principal William Jensen. He's one of several employees who reportedly knew Taylor was allegedly having sex with students.

Jensen's attorney, Kevin Betz, says the district is seeking his termination because Jensen didn't report the concern to CPS. But, he says, Jensen followed IPS policy by calling the head of human resources about the allegations.

"That is what he did," Betz said. "Her phone number is listed in the policy."

Betz says the head of human resources told Jensen not to call police, because they were investigating.

"Their own policy says 'do not investigate.'" Betz said. "Dr. Ferebee admitted the district's policy says do not do that."

Betz says the real blame is with Superintendent Dr. Lewis Ferebee, who reportedly learned of the inappropriate relationship at the same time.

Betz says if Jensen is fired, then the other employees involved should be too.

"You've got to fire Ferebee and the rest of the Longfellow nine," he said.

The results of the meeting weren't immediately made public. So far, IPS has not said what, if any, discipline the other district employees will face in the case.