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Stadium roof to stay closed amid investigation

Posted at 5:11 PM, Sep 14, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS – While we still don’t have clear answers on how or why a bolt fell at Lucas Oil Stadium last week – injuring three people – we do know the incident will affect whether the roof is opened again.

Colts officials made it clear Monday afternoon that the roof would not be opened for the foreseeable future.

There will, however, be no break in the scheduled activities at Lucas Oil this week: High school football on Friday and Saturday, and the Colts home opener Monday night, Sept. 21.

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Investigators were tight-lipped on other details involving the investigation, saying there are no definitive answers yet as to what caused the bolt to fall.

Colts fans who attended the Sept. 3 preseason game say they heard clanking noises before an object fell while the stadium’s roof was being opened at halftime. Three people ended up getting checked out for by medical staffers.

There used to be a rule at the stadium against opening the roof during games, but that policy was amended to allow it to be opened during halftime.

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Executive Director of the Capital Improvement Board of Managers Barney Levengood said afterward that a bolt from the fixed structure had “sheared and dropped into seating section 248… (and) once the stadium authorities were notified, the movement of the roof was stopped completely.”

Levengood told RTV6 Monday that it is still premature at this point to conclude the bolt’s fall was directly caused by the roof opening, but leaders want to be certain of the retractable roof’s safety before opening it again for a home game.

When we asked about plans at Lucas Oil Stadium past Monday’s home opener, we were given no details, but there are no plans to cancel events at the stadium. Levengood says there is no time-table for the investigation right now.

We’re keeping an eye on this story and will continue to bring you updates as we gather them. Check back here for developments.

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