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Irvington Loft residents to be without heat for up to 3 weeks during HVAC repair

Irvington Lofts Exterior
Posted at 7:33 PM, Nov 29, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-29 19:33:22-05

INDIANAPOLIS — People living at Irvington Lofts were notified their heat will be out for around two- or three-weeks starting Dec. 4.

Irvington Lofts says it's spending around $250,000 to replace its heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The task could take anywhere from 30 to 60 days.

In the meantime, the property is giving residents space heaters to stay warm.

"It's definitely cold. There are some kids that live in here. Some elderly as well," said a resident. "We are tenants, and we have those rights. We want electricity. We want heat. End of story."

WRTV first reported the Marion County Health Department began taking legal action against Irvington Lofts last month, and earlier again this month because of no power or heat in the south building. That system has now been updated.

Although this outage was planned, Lara Morgan, with the Housing and Neighborhood Health Department, says residents must have a permanently installed source of heat.

We understand repairs are needed, but they have to be able to have heat. We want to be able to monitor that with the management and make sure those repairs are being made, and that the individual residents in the apartment complex are getting heat as soon as possible so we would go ahead and issue orders,” said Morgan.

There is concern with dozens of residents using space heaters at once.

"My concern is a fire hazard," said the resident.

When it comes to how to safely use a space heater, Indiana State Fire Marshal stresses plugging it directly into the wall — not an extension cord.

“The other thing is to keep everything away from the space heater. It should have a clearance of about three feet all the way around it so it doesn’t catch anything on fire,” said Jones.

Jones also recommends leaving it on the floor and making sure space heaters are turned off when you leave the room.

“We have fires every year, this time of the season, and fire fatalities because of space heaters. It’s really important to pay attention to where you plug it in and where it’s going to sit,” said Jones.

The health department also recommends residents find a warm place to go.

“Maybe if they can find a family to stay with or go somewhere in the evenings to get warm. Even just going to a restaurant or the mall or somewhere there is heat,” said Morgan.

Irvington Lofts told WRTV on Wednesday the upgrades are necessary.