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Is Shake Shack coming to Indy? They say no, but there are job openings for Indy online

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Posted at 1:04 PM, Mar 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-07 13:17:46-05

INDIANAPOLIS — A slew of random job postings for Shake Shack have posted up on Indianapolis job sites over the past few days, including one for a restaurant manager.

The postings were enough to stir the Shake Shack lovers from hiding and get social media abuzz, but the company was quick to shoot down the rumors.

"Nothin' in the works for Indiana right now, but maybe someday!" the company posted in response to an Indy Shake Shack lover on Twitter this month.

But it wasn't enough to quell the thirst of other Shake Shack lovers who found job listings posted on several sites, all listing "Indianapolis" as the location.

We reached out to Shake Shack to see if they could confirm Indiana plans, but their response below gave us little hope as well.

"Currently we don't have plans to expand to Indianapolis, but we love knowing where our fans want to see us!" a company representative said in response to RTV6's inquiry.

That being said, we dug a little deeper into the postings and found that when you click on the "apply on our company website" link they actually take you to a posting and job description for Southdale, Minn.