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ISP receives donation of 50 AED's

Posted at 4:01 PM, Mar 23, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana State Police received a donation of 50 Automatic External Defibrillators on Wednesday from the "Bolt for the Heart" foundation.

The AED's will be placed in more rural parts of the state where a trooper could be the first to arrive on the scene of a medical emergency.

There was also a surprise announcement that Bolt for the Heart had raised enough money to buy five more AED's that will be given to the ISP in late April.

Each year, the Board of Directors for Bolt for the Heart decides which non-profit will receive proceeds from the Bolt for the Heart 5K Family Thanksgiving Run.

ISP was identified as the recipient for funds from the 2015 race.

On Wednesday it was also announced that the Indiana State Police will continue receiving AED’s from Bolt from the Heart until every state police road patrol car is equipped with one.

AEDs are used to restart someone's heart in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.

Each year sudden cardiac arrest kills 335,000 people of all ages without warning.

If the first person on the scene knew CPR and applied an AED within 5 minutes, the American Heart Association estimates that at least 40,000 more lives per year could be saved.


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