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ITW: Guests discuss Brussels, IPL rate hike

Posted at 3:16 PM, Mar 26, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- On Indianapolis This Week, guests discussed the terror attacks in Brussels and the impending rate hike for Indianapolis Power & Light customers. 

State regulators approved a rate hike earlier this month, but it is less than half of what the company wanted. It is the first base rate increase since 1995.

“You take a look at our people at IPL, and at AES, and our people -- that is our current employees as well as our retirees -- take tremendous pride in the service we provide to this community and will continue to do so, so that doesn’t change anything," IPL CEO Ken Zagzebski said.

Watch the entire interview in the video player above. 

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Plus, Rep. Andre Carson and Rep. Todd Young sat down with Jason Fechner to discuss U.S. strategy after the terror attacks in Brussels. 

“I was deeply disturbed and saddened, whenever these kinds of incidents occur, there’s always a great deal of rhetoric, anxiety and angst, those of us who are working in the intelligence community, we’re working very hard with our international partners and trying to thwart any other attempted attacks in the future," Rep. Carson said.

“Our commander-in-chief needs to acknowledge not just the nature of the threat, but to come up with a coherent strategy, working with our allies, and instead he went to a baseball game in Cuba and he’s been sightseeing in Argentina. I think instead, we’re going to need more robust air power, we’re going to need to utilize the people on the ground with fewer restrictions, so that each of those bombing missions can be more effective, we need more cooperation with other intelligence agencies," Rep. Todd Young said. 


Watch the full interview in the video player above.

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