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ITW: Guests discuss presidential race, SCOTUS

Posted at 9:07 PM, Mar 19, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- On Indianapolis This Week, guests discussed the presidential race, the Supreme Court nomination, and Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter joined us to discuss a variety of subjects, including the drug supply in Indiana. 

Jason Fechner sat down with Ohio Gov. John Kasich's Indiana campaign finance chair, John Williams, who says the Hoosier state could be big for him on May 3.

"I think he has to continue to rack up delegates," Williams said. "Wins are obviously good, and I think he's going to have a really good chance of winning in places like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and right here in Indiana – so that's the plan. Continue to move forward, build on this momentum and continue to rack up the number of delegates," he said. 

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Plus, Statehouse Reporter Katie Heinz interviewed Secretary of State Connie Lawson about the role Indiana will play in the primaries. 

"There are presidential candidates that have not met their delegate requirement, and there are sixteen states between now and May 3, when we have our primary. It's very possible we could be the deciding factor. Obviously we're not going to know until the time gets here, but I think Indiana can play an important role," she said. 

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Our Rafael Sanchez sat down with Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter. He talks about the drug supply coming in to Indiana and violence against police. 

"It keeps me awake at night. I think 25 years ago we probably could have probably predicted this, put pieces and parts that were happening around the country together at the time," he said.

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In addition, our Political Insiders joined us to discuss Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and SCOTUS. ABC News Supreme Court contributor Kate Shaw also weighed in. 

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