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ITW: IMPD chief talks body cams, Indy violence

Posted at 6:22 PM, Oct 04, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS -- On Indianapolis This Week, Congressman Andre Carson talked with RTV6's Jason Fechner about what needs to be done to prevent future mass shootings. 

"I think we have to really talk about our gun laws, and strengthening those laws." he said. 

Carson also reacted to the comments GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson made about not advocating a Muslim be president. 

"I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I would absolutely not agree with that," Ben Carson told Meet the Press last month. 

"Article VI in our Constitution is very clear: there shall not be a religious test to hold public office," Rep. Carson said.

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Watch the full interview with Rep. Carson on Indianapolis in the video player above. 

Also on Indianapolis This Week, days after the city reached 100 homicides, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief Rick Hite talked exclusively with Indianapolis This Week Rafael Sanchez about the violence in Indianapolis. 

"The proactive approaches, I think, will work, along with law enforcement in terms of prevention and intervention," Hite said. 

Hite also discussed the potential for body cameras. 

"The public wants it, but we have to be careful in how we fund it," he said. 

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Watch the full interview with Chief Hite in the video player above.