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IURC sets 10-digit dialing date for Southern Indiana

Posted at 1:01 PM, Oct 23, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-23 13:27:19-04

Starting Feb. 7, those living in what is now the 812 area code of Southern Indiana will have to use 10 digits each time they make a call.

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved the date Wednesday after hearing testimony in advance of the implementation of the new 930 area code, which will be “overlayed” with 812 numbers in the region.

The IURC initially approved Sept. 6, 2014 as the date 10-digit dialing would start, but that was delayed in August to address “preparedness concerns.”

Officials decided in 2013 to use the new area code as an overlay instead of assigning the new area code geographically, which would have meant some existing numbers would have gotten the new area code.

Now, the 930 area code will be implemented starting March 7, according to the IURC order.

Alan Matsumoto, testifying in front of the IURC on behalf of the Indiana Telecommunications Association, suggested Feb. 7 for a number of reasons. Matsumoto said the date avoids a major change during the November/December holiday season and that Feb. 7 is a Saturday, when call volume will be lower.