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IMPD Chief out, former safety dir. to take over

Posted at 6:56 PM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-08 18:56:59-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Joe Hogsett has appointed former public safety director Troy Riggs to be the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief beginning in 2016.

Chief Richard Hite will step down from the position, having held the post during record-breaking violence in the city of Indianapolis. 

"After much consideration and consultation with loved ones, I have decided to step down as Chief of IMPD," IMPD Chief Rick Hite said in a release after the announcement.  "I have enjoyed my tenure as Chief and thank all the dedicated employees of the department for their dedication and commitment to making this city safe."

Hogsett made the announcement at a press conference Tuesday.

The mayor-elect said Indianapolis is currently enduring a "public safety crisis", saying that the most fundamental responsibility of any mayor is to keep its city safe and that is the priority of his new administration.

"Every morning we wake up and learn of violence, tragedy and evil acts the night before," Hogsett said.

"Every evening, residents return home to their neighborhoods, worried about the burglary that happened a few blocks down the street, the home invasion across town or, in too many parts of our city, the burst of gunfire they heard just the nigh before."

"Every night, mothers and fathers put their children to bed, and they double check their locks, worried and asking the question 'will our house be next?'" 

Hogsett went on to say that the problems Indianapolis faces won't be solved overnight, but that it has to start now.

Hogsett also re-appointed Ernest Malone as Indianapolis Fire Chief.

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Riggs served as public safety director for Indianapolis between 2012 and 2015, stepping down in July to take a post at IUPUI.

Riggs took the podium after the announcement and offered ways that he and IMPD will start to tackle the crime issues in the city.

Riggs said he wants to increase community policing, make it easier to report crimes, and easier for citizens to interact with police.

"I believe every police department in America has three basic goals: Reduce crime, reduce fear of crime and enhance public safety," Riggs said.

Riggs committed to the city that the police department will be open, transparent, receptive and going to work with the residents to reduce crime.

"No one in our community should live in fear, afraid of going to the grocery store for fear of safety, for fear of leaving things at home," Riggs said.


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