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No Grammy for Joey + Rory

Posted at 6:19 PM, Feb 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-15 18:51:08-05

Joey and Rory did not win a Grammy for the Best Country Duo/Group Performance Monday. 

The group Little Big Town won the award for their song "Girl Crush." 

In December, Joey and Rory were nominated for their song "If I Needed You."

Joey, who has been battling cancer, said one of her goals was to make it to see the Grammys. 

Rory said they performed the song to celebrate the birth of their 21-month-old daughter, Indiana, who has Down syndrome.

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The couple did not go to Grammys. Instead, they were gathered around Joey's bed to watch the show. Their daughters and manager were at the show to represent them, according to Rory's blog.

"Joey tried to talk me into going with them… many, many times.  She even had a Southwest ticket purchased for me that I cancelled.  I can’t leave her. I won’t.  I have done many foolish things and made lots of mistakes in my life, but this isn’t going to be one of them," Rory wrote in his blog.

He said his daughters asked him to write something for them to read... just in case.

"I told them not to worry about it, but they insist.  I can’t imagine our names being called.  But then again, Joey and I also couldn’t have imagined us being where we are at all… the good parts or the bad. So I will write something.  And when she’s awake, I will run what I’ve written by Joey like I do all these blog posts.  And she will say “it’s beautiful honey”, and then gently point out the words I’ve misspelled and let me know if I’ve left off something important, or am coming across sounding arrogant or insincere. She’s so smart and good. I might have the words that bring characters to life.  But my wife has the character that brings my words to life," Rory wrote.

Monday afternoon Joey and Rory shared a picture of Indy preparing for the Grammys. 


...Indy getting her hair done by her Aunts for Grammy watching w her mama and papa tonight (if it's not past her bedtime).

Posted by Joey and Rory on Monday, 15 February 2016


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